How Do People Of All Ages Meet — Play — Socialize In Neighborhoods/Streets In The Western World ? A Summary of Jan Gehl's Research





Hi Play — Socializing Potential

*One to two storey home — kitchen windows facing street.

*Covered front porch that seats 4 adults plus baby carriage

*Side walk at road

*Cars parked on road

*Houses set maximum 15 feet from sidewalk

*Space between houses (side to side) 15 ft.

*Restriction on through car traffic

People of all ages, in the above environment
will spend 85% of their time when outside
at the front of the house (when at home).

This is true Neighborhood Watch
(because of people on the front portch)


Low (or No) Play Socializing Potential

*One or two storey homes low use room facing street.

*No roof, 2 foot by 3 foot concrete stoop at front entrance

*Often no sidewalks at road

*No cars parked on street - cars in two car garage

*Houses set back 30 or 40 feet or more from road.

*Space between homes at least 15 ft.

*Little or no restriction to through car traffic

People of all ages will spend 85% of their time in the backyard when outside (when at home)

No Neighborhood Watch here on this side - despite the big ugly sign saying it exists.

Hi-Rise condominium and apartment buildings have near zero potential for meeting -playing -socializing.

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