Reading List For The Subject Area

A Better Place to Live: Reshaping the American Suburb by Philip Langdon

Cities and Natural Process by Michael Hough

Collaborative Communities by Dorit Fromm

Community Open Spaces by Mark Francis, et al.

Democratic Architecture: Practical Solutions to Today's Housing Crisis by Donald MacDonald

Discrimination by Design by Leslie Weisman

Good Neighbors: Affordable Family

Housing by Tom Jones , William Pettus and Michael Pyatok

Housing As If People Mattered by Clare Cooper Marcus

Local Attachments by Alexander von Hoffman

Planning Neighborhood Space with People by Randy Hester

Play for All Guidelines by Robin Moore, Susan Goltsman, and Daniel Iacofano

Postmodern Urbanism by Nan Ellin

Public Space by Stephen Carr, Mark Francis, Leanne Rivlin, and Andrew Stone

Redesigning the American Dream by Dolores Hayden

Sustainable Communities by Sim Van der Ryn

Universal Design: Housing for the

Lifespan of All People by Ron Mace.

Weaving a Tapestry of Resistance by Sharon Sutton

Yard Street Park by Cynthia Girling and Kenneth Helphand

The Meaning of Gardens by Mark Francis and Randy hester

Inquiry by Design by John Zeisel

Life Between Buildings by Jan Gehl

The Control of Nature by John McPhee

Good City Form by Kevin Lynch

Great Streets by Allan Jacobs

The Granite Garden by Anne Spirn

The Organic Machine by Richard White

Tony Aldous, Urban Villages. A concept for creating mixed-use developments on a
sustainable level, United Kingdom, Urban Villages Group, 1992.

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March 1987.

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Management of Traffic-Free Zones. N.Y, Whitney Library of Design, Watson-Guptill
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